Contact & Pricing

Remedy M.T. Code of Conduct:

Massages performed by Ahrianna of Remedy Massage Therapy are

strictly for the purposes of facilitation healing. Inappropriate behavior

(including but not limited to hateful, sexual, or violent speech or actions)

will result in the immediate termination of the session and all future

sessions with no refund and a permanent ban from the facility.

Charges will be pressed for any and all unlawful behavior.

Located at 3101 33rd Street, Sacramento CA 95817

Home of Center Seven, Six Harmony Martial Arts, Calypso Moon Essentials, TC CMT, and Remedy Massage Therapy


30 Minute Massage - $45

45 Minute Massage - $60

60 Minute Massage - $80

90 Minute Massage - $110

120 Minute Massage - $140

If you have any further questions,

feel free to email me at,

or find me on Instagram at @Remedy.MT!